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Public Works Permits

Encroachment Permits
The City of Emeryville owns or holds an interest in various properties throughout the community, which include roads, sidewalks, and easements granted for utility lines, public access, and open space.

Event Permits
Obtain facility and park permits.

Stormwater Permits
Gather details about stormwater.

Parking Permits
Revised Parking Permit Guidelines are now available. The guidelines include instructions for getting a permit parking in your area.

Signs in Public Right of Way Permitting

Police Department Permits

Businesses or organizations wishing to host live entertainment for the public must apply for a one-day or annual cabaret permit.

Card Room Employees
Persons employed by a card room in the City of Emeryville must apply for an annual permit to continue employment.

Food Truck
Mobile catering companies or food trucks wishing to operate in Emeryville must secure an annual permit.

Dog License
All dog owners keeping a dog in Emeryville for more than 6 weeks must obtain a dog license.

Massage Establishment
All businesses providing massage services must obtain a massage establishment permit.

Taxi and Vehicle for Hire
All vehicle for hire companies and persons driving taxis must obtain permits to operate and/or pick up passengers within Emeryville City Limits.

Commercial Alarm Systems
All Emeryville businesses wishing to install an alarm system must obtain a permit from the Police Department.

Cannabis Business
Businesses that manufacture, distribute, process, store, test, label, transport, research and development, or deliver cannabis or cannabis products require an Operator's Permit issued by the Police Department.