Emeryville / Oakland Joint Planning Authority

Amended: January 27, 2022

Committee TypeCommunity Advisory Standing Committee
Official ActionOrdinance No. 92-07
Definition/PurposeDecision-making legislative body for the East Bay Bridge Project.
Eligibility of Requirements/CompositionMembership consists of Emeryville and Oakland Planning Commissioners and City Council Members.
Planning Council:
6 City of Emeryville Planning Commissioners
7 City of Oakland Planning Commissioenrs
Appellate Council:
4 City of Emeryville City Council Members
3 City of Oakland City Council Members
Term(s)5 Years (with automatic renewal of 5 years until terminated)
Members serve terms at discretion of the Emeryville and Oakland City Councils, respectively.
Regular MeetingAs Needed
Civic Center, Council Chambers (1333 Park Avenue)
SecretaryCharles Bryant, Community Development Director

Planning Commission:

Zoë Chafe
Al Dram
Jack Ghizzoni
Erika Mendez
Henry Symons
Erica Zepko

City Council:

John Bauters
Scott Donahue
Dianne Martinez
Courtney Welch


Steven Keller
Ally Medina