Field Services

This division, which consists of sworn and civilian personnel is responsible for patrol, traffic, crime analysis and information technology.

Patrol Section
patrol.jpgThe Patrol Section consists of uniformed personnel that are separated into 5 teams and Bicycle
and Canine Units. Each is managed by a Police Sergeant. As first responders to calls for service, this Section is responsible for the quality of the delivery of police services to our community that involves, preliminary investigations, providing a timely response, collection of evidence, providing for the safety of the public, maintaining of order and problem solving.

Traffic Section
traffic.jpgThe Traffic Unit is responsible for traffic control, conducting traffic surveys, enforcing traffic related laws such as vehicle moving violations, parking and towing issues, street sweeping, permits parking, and managing the citation appeal process. This unit consists of motorcycle officers and Police Service Technicians who are managed by a Police Sergeant.

Crime Analysis and Information Technology
The Division also includes a Crime Analyst and a Systems Analyst. The Crime Analyst prepares and analyzes all criminal information to detect patterns of crime, methods of operations, etc. The Systems Analyst is responsible for the department’s information technology and communication systems.

Crisis Negotiation Team
The Crisis Negotiation Team responds to hostage and barricaded person(s) situations and other situations that require specialized negotiation skills. The teams mission is to gather intelligence and defuse potentially life-threatening situations through the use of proven verbal crisis management and negotiation techniques.