Business Licenses


 The City of Emeryville has always valued its relationship with the business community; and we are pleased to announce some changes to our Business License procedures that are designed to streamline the process for remitting business license taxes to the City.

 The City has contracted with HdL Companies to enable us to better serve the business community. HdL Companies will provide you with support for all aspects of business licensing, including applications, renewals, payment, compliance, and general assistance.

ou can renew or apply for a business license by accessing the Online Business License Portal.

 Who Needs a Business License Certificate?

Any person, but not limited to, an individual, partnership, corporation, or sole proprietor, who wishes to conduct, either directly or indirectly, any business within the City of Emeryville must secure a business license certificate. The City ordinance states that it is unlawful for any person to commence, transact, engage in, or carry on business in the City without first having obtained a valid license and paid the license fee.

Business Licenses FAQ

Before You Apply

All businesses are encouraged to use CalGold, which can assist in the process for determining what types of Federal, State, and County licenses or permits may be required in addition to your business license.

Other helpful agencies include:

Business Tax Exemptions

Please note exemption from the City of Emeryville business license tax does not assure exemption from maintaining a current business license and are subject to an annual renewal fee and statement affirming its status as a tax-exempt organization by March 1 of each year.

Charitable Institutions & Non-profit Organizations

Charitable institutions & non-profit organizations are exempt from paying the business license tax. Proof of exemption in the form of an Internal Revenue Service or State Franchise Tax Board non-profit determination letter, or Secretary of State Certification is required at the time of filing.

Family Daycare Providers

A home that provides family daycare for 14 or fewer children shall be exempt from the business license tax if the daycare provider has obtained a daycare license with the State of California. Daycare providers must provide a copy of State daycare license. Please read more details here.