Gas-Powered Leaf Blower Ban

New Regulations

As of July 1 2024, it will be illegal to operate a gas-powered leaf blower in Emeryville. These devices produce both noise and air pollution that causes negative health effects for residents and workers. Discontinuing their use will improve public health, safety, and quality of life in Emeryville. 

Gas-powered leaf blowers emit far more pollutants than you may expect, including high levels of liquid and particulate matter, carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx), ozone (O3), and hydrocarbons (HC), all greenhouse gases contributing to climate change. Learn more about the negative climate and health impacts of gas-powered leaf blowers in this report from CARB. 

Any penalties for violating the prohibition apply to the hiring party (or owner/tenant if on their own property) and not to the individual landscaping company, or worker. Details are in the municipal code, in Title 6, Chapter 15 and the full ordinance can be read here

Recommended Alternatives 

As this ordinance is implemented, please consider switching to electric leaf blowers, which are widely available, less polluting, quieter, and well performing. Emeryville's Public Works Department's maintenance team has already made the switch to electric leaf-blowers, and we encourage you to do the same! 

Examples of electric leaf blowers and other lawn equipment can be found here: