Visual Arts Grant Programs
 Funding Year 2024-2025

Applications are due February 28, 2024


A Pre-Application Workshop will be February 8, 2024 

at City Hall at 10AM in the City Council Chamber 

Professional Development Assistance and Application requirements will be reviewed here 

Highly recommended. 


Visual Art Grants are offered every other year to foster creative endeavors from local artists that improve the quality of life in Emeryville. 

Artists with creative installations in any media that will last at least two years are encouraged to apply for grants of $3,000 to $17,500 per applicant.  


Visual Arts Grant Application requirements: 

Applications are here but attachments found below must be downloaded, completed and attached for a complete application. 


To complete the application, you will need the following forms:

 As well as:

  • Letter of Support from the Site Property Owner

Sites for which a need for art installations have been identified and interested property owners have been identified for 2024 application are listed here please review and contact for property contact information if interested in any of the presented sites.  Property representatives may be at the Feb 8 workshop to meet prospective artists.  Additional sites may be eligible but the time to identify and secure signature may be difficult to complete by February 28.


Properties owner and tenants may contact artist they prefer to seek them to apply or properties can apply and identify the artist to be used for the grant.      


  • Sketch of the proposed work which should represent the anticipated final product, or your narrative should anticipate review by the PAC prior to installation 

Visual Arts Grant FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions are here. These may be updated as questions are raised and after the workshop on February 8

Visual Arts Grant Requirements


Grant recipients will be required to:

  • Enter a contract with the City for a term of two years
  • Carry insurance (eligible grant cost) 
  • Submit a final report as here upon installation that reports on financial and 

And may be required to: 

  • Seek a building permit (eligible grant cost) if trigger by risks of the installation (murals do not require a permit) 
  • Seek an encroachment period (murals may require if sidewalk is blocked and revised circulation required) 

Visual Arts Grant timeline


VAG 2024-2025 TIMELINE


Local Advertising and Promotion of Grants Program

January 22, 2024

Pre-Application Seminar 

February 8, 2024

Closing Date for Applications

February 28, 2024

Applications Assessed

Week of March 4, 2024

Committee Review

Week of March 4, 2024

PAC Review of Visual Grant 

March 14, 2024 

Recommendations to City Council

April 9, 2024

Funding Received by Successful Applicants

July 2024

Program Completed By

June 30, 2026

Close Out Report Completed and Submitted

July 31, 2026


What is the Closing Process?

The applicant will need to complete the form similar to this, with final to be provided in the contract packet and submit to the managing Department for the Committee’s review including pictures of the final work.


Who shall I contact if I have questions about the Grants?

Questions regarding the Visual Arts Grants can be directed to Amber Evans, Public Art Coordinator or 510-596-4382. Should you have any questions about if your work or your property can be considered for a Visual Art grant please call.