Shellmound Paving Project 2024

The City of Emeryville's Public Works Department is pleased to announce the installation of Class IV protected bike lanes on Shellmound Street. These new protected bike lanes will run from 62nd Street to 65th Street, enhancing safety and accessibility for people biking while connecting our City’s bike lane network.

Shellmound Street is the backbone of the City’s bike network which connects to Aquatic Park, the 65th Street Corridor east of the railroad tracks, Public Market Emeryville, Powell Street Plaza, Bay Trail, Bay Street Emeryville, South Bayfront Bridge, Bay Bridge Trailhead, and the 40th Street Corridor.

Shellmound Poster

Upcoming City Council Approval

The final concept for the Shellmound Street bike lanes and parking spaces will be presented for City Council approval at the December 19, 2023 City Council Meeting at 7:16 pm.

Construction Start Date 

The project will be a part of the Annual Sustainable Streetscapes Project, with construction expected to commence in Spring/Summer 2024. 

Parking Impacts

The re-configuration of Shellmound Street is expected to remove an estimated 17 of 34 parking spaces on Shellmound Street between 64th and 65th Streets. All parking removal will be on the east side of Shellmound (shown in red below). Parking on the west side of Shellmound will remain.

shellmound parking removal

Shellmound Paving Project 2024

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