High School Programs

Leaders In Training Program (Youth Services)

The L.I.T. program is a fee based program for 9th-12th grade students. Within this program, teens will gain work experience with youth or in an office environment, professional development, and complete any volunteer hours for your high school graduation requirement. As an L.I.T. youth will be held to professional standards: reliability, uniform, and professional behavior. L.I.T.s will need to be a positive role model at all times and responsible for students physical and emotional safety. L.I.T.'s need to be aware of their language, and how they approach youth while developing the skills of positive behavior management and the active supervision of children. Within office environments they will need to pay special attention to details,  follow directives exactly, and know when to ask questions or for support. School year L.I.T.'s are required to work at least 9 hours a week, and summer L.I.T.'s are required to work at least 15 hours a week. L.I.T.'s interested in working with youth will get first hand experience in youth development principles, leading activities, tutoring students, and actively supervising young people. All L.I.T.'s become eligible to be hired when they become 18 years old and have graduated high school.

Application steps:

  • The L.I.T. applicant will be required to copy and paste a letter or recommendation from someone that is not a friend or family member within the online application. The prompt will be: "LIT Letter of Recommendation."  Make sure to include this person's name, phone number, and email. Please have the letter ready ahead of time as the online prompts cannot be saved and accessed later. If they received a hard copy of the letter, type "N/A" in this field and you may scan/email the hard copy letter to Youth Services Supervisor, Christen Gray at cgray@emeryville.org. You may also drop it off to her at the ECCL offices located at 4727 San Pablo Ave. Emeryville, Ca between 9:00am-6:00pm, M-F.
  • The following prompts must be filled out by the L.I.T. applicant within the online application (At least 150 words per response): What are you looking to get of being an L.I.T.? What makes you a positive role-model for youth? What social issues do you feel passionate about and that you want to have an impact on as an L.I.T.? What talents, hobbies, or interests do you think you can teach youth? How would you respond to a youth who is upset and angry with you.  Suggestion: Type your responses ahead of time and copy and paste into the question field. 
  • To access the online application, please go to your Civic Rec. account HERE. Find the LIT program in the teens tab and put it in your cart. Review the general family handbook and confirm receipt. Review all waivers, then fill out and submit applicable prompts. Complete Transaction by making payment. Incomplete applications or unsatisfactory answers will result in a refund.
  • If you have any questions please call the Youth Services Supervisor Christen Gray at 510-596-4396 or email her at cgray@emeryville.org

School Year Program Cost: $73R/$78NR

Summer Program Cost: $73R/$78NR

Program takes place at the ECCL campus: 4727 San Pablo Ave. Emeryville Ca 94608

For more information, please call 510-596-4395

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