Annual Street Rehabilitation and Preventive Maintenance Project



We are re-designing certain streets in compliance with Emeryville's Complete Street Policy to improve safety for pedestrians and bicycles. These designs on 47th Street, Steve Dain Drive, Doyle Street, and 41st Street are shown below.

47th Street (east)


This project is partially funded by Measure B/BB/VRF Funding from ACTC!

Each year, the City of Emeryville receives approximately:

  • $500,000 in Measure BB funding to improve and maintain our local streets and roads
  • $50,000 in measure BB funding to construct and upgrade pedestrian and bicycle facilities
  • $60,000 in measure BB funding for paratransit assistance to aid in the mobility of seniors and persons with impairments
  • $45,000 in Vehicle Registration Fee funding to reduce congestion and vehicle pollution

Preventive maintenance of streets is required on a regular basis to extend the life of streets and to provide a quality riding surface for all modes of travel. The Capital Improvement Program includes funding for the ongoing Annual Street Rehabilitation/Preventive Maintenance Program, CIP Project No. 17240005.

These projects will consist of rehabilitation and preventive maintenance of City streets including pothole/base repairs, crack sealing, slurry seals, and pavement overlays. Rehabilitation and maintenance work on public streets need to be coordinated with other City projects, utility company excavations and private development projects on a cycle that sustains a high Pavement Condition Index (PCI) for all City streets.

The streets to be rehabilitated were identified as needing rehabilitation in the Pavement Management Program Budget report prepared as part of MTC’s Technical Assistance Program P-TAP in June 2019. 

For more information on Alameda County Transportation Commission’s other projects supported by Measure B, Measure BB, and the Vehicle Registration Fee please see links below:

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