Bike & Pedestrian

Check out the City’s Bike Share program.  

Borrow a bike, pick up and return anywhere in the system.   

Bike Lockers are back at Amtrak!

Spaces for 12 bicycles are available at this BikeLink location, at 5885 Horton St. Locks are operated with a Bike Link card.  Sign up to get a Bike Link card here.  Lockers were installed and are operated and maintained by Bike Link.  They were paid for by the City of Emeryville and by Capital Corridor with a grant from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

City of Emeryville Pedestrian and Bicycle Plans:        

Request a Bike Rack

Interested in bike parking parking outside your business or work in Emeryville?  Is there a destination that needs more bike parking? Anyone can request a free rack to be placed on City-owned property by completing the request form. Prior to requesting, please make sure to review the rack guidelines linked below.

Once a request is received:

1. It is logged and grouped with other requests for site inspection by batch. 

2. City staff inspects the proposed locations, evaluating each site based on Emeryville's Bicycle Parking Guidelines and Oakland's Bike Rack Placement Guidelines to ensure adequate clearance for pedestrian right-of-way, provide sufficient distance from fire hydrants, curb ramps, and other features.

3. If the installation is feasible, the staff notifies the adjacent business of the proposed installation, allowing two weeks for comment.

4. Approved sites are grouped into work orders (typically including 5+ locations). The waiting period for a requested bicycle parking rack varies depending on availability of funding and complexity of the installation.

Bike racks currently installed in the public right of way are paid for by a grant from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and Measure B funds. For the city’s bike parking installation guidelines, visit the APBP website.

Want to Get Involved?

The City of Emeryville Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee meets monthly on the first Monday at 5:30 p.m., excepting the months of August and January. Find more information here.