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Planning Commission meetings are being conducted in a hybrid (in-person/Zoom) format at 1333 Park Avenue (updated 4/28/2023).

The Commission offers many ways for you to watch and participate in Planning Commission matters without attending a meeting in-person.  Our Planning Commission meetings are streamed live on Emeryville TV.  Additionally, public comment for Commission agenda items can be submitted online via our online speaker card when an agenda is posted at  Written comments can also be submitted by email to, or the Community Development Director, Chadrick Smalley, at  If you would like to support, oppose, or otherwise comment on an upcoming agenda item, please send in your comments prior to the meeting.

Amended: July 5, 2023
Committee TypeCommunity Advisory Standing Committee
Official ActionOrdinance No. 475; Emeryville Municipal Code Title 2, Chapter 3, Article 3, Sections 2-3.301, et. seq.
Definition/PurposeTo initiate and conduct studies with respect to those matters affecting the orderly growth and development of the City, and to make recommendations to the City Council with respect to such matters; to make the necessary findings, and to grant or deny variances, use permits, and other planning entitlements, as set forth in the Chapter 4 of Title 9 of the Municipal Code; and to perform other duties as set for in Section 2-3.314 of the Municipal Code.
Committee Requirements and Composition7 Members:
  • At least 4 residents with one year residency prior to appointment
  • Non-residents must be business owners, employees, or officers of businesses located in the City for at least one year prior to appointment
  • Various geographic areas of the City shall be represented
Committee FactsEach member of the Planning Commission may receive compensation of two hundred dollars ($200.00) per month if he or she elects to do so. The members shall be allowed necessary actual travelling and other expenses when the interests of the City shall require; provided, however, the City Council shall first specifically authorize the purpose and expenditures therefor. City of Emeryville elected officials may not serve on this Committee. The City of Emeryville does not specifically prohibit concurrent service on more than one committee, provided, however, that the Government Code prohibition against incompatible offices shall apply. If a request were made to serve on more than one committee, a determination would be made as to whether that service would be allowable.
Term(s)3 Years, Staggered (expiring June 30)
Regular MeetingMonthly
4th Thursday, January through October
2nd Thursday of December
6:30 PM
Council Chambers (1333 Park Avenue, Emeryville)
Vice Chairperson
Jack Ghizzoni
Al Dram
SecretaryChadrick Smalley
Community Development Director
Email AddressTerm Ending

Zoë Chafe

June 30, 2026

Al Dram

June 30, 2024

Jack Ghizzoni

June 30, 2024

Rodney Henmi

June 30, 2025

Dianne Martinez

June 30, 2025

Yang Ming

June 30, 2026

Jordan Wax

June 30, 2025

Other StaffAssistant City Attorney

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