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Committee Type: Community Advisory Standing Committee
Official Action(s):
Definition/Purpose: Coordinate interaction between the Emery Unified School District Board of Trustees and the City of Emeryville City Council on matters that affect both entities; and advise the City Council and Board of Trustees on actions necessary to develop a coordinated approach that will enhance programs and activities for the youth of the City.
Eligibility of Requirements/Composition:
  • 5 Council Members
  • 5 Emery Unified School District Board Members
  • 2 Youth Members
Term(s): 1 Year
Regular Meeting: Quarterly
1st Thursday of January, April, July and October
5:30 PM
Ralph Hawley Campus (1275 61st Street, Emeryville)
Councilmember Scott Donahue
Secretary: Pedro Jimenez, Community Services Director
  1. Councilmember Jac Asher
  2. Councilmember Ruth Atkin
  3. Councilmember Nora Davis
  4. Councilmember Scott Donahue
  5. Councilmember Dianne Martinez
  6. EUSD Board Member John Affeldt
  7. EUSD Board Member Melodi Dice
  8. EUSD Board Member Joy Kent
  9. EUSD Board Member Donn Merriam
  10. EUSD Board Member Christian Patz
  11. Maria Cuevas, Youth Member
  12. Faviola Perez-rojas, Youth Member
Other Staff
  • City Manager