City Beautification

Clean City Program
The Clean City Program is a community volunteer program that is dedicated to having fun by beautifying Emeryville on a regular basis and by sponsoring community clean up events. For more information, call 510-596-3728.

Code Enforcement Program
Code Enforcement focuses on enforcing ordinances and laws that require abatement to properties that are dangerous to the public or are a public nuisance.

Graffiti Hotline
The Graffiti Hotline is administered through the Code Enforcement Program and serves as an anonymous tip line for people to report graffiti locations throughout the city. Call 510-596-3742 to report.

For in-progress graffit, please call the Emeryville Police Department at 510-596-3700.

Street Tree Planting Project
The Street Tree Planting Project promotes beautification by planting street trees. For more information, call 510-596-3728.

Vehicle Abatement
If you have an abandoned car in your neighborhood that has been sitting for over 72 hours, you may schedule an appointment to speak with a traffic officer at 510-596-3727.