Who Can Enroll

Child Care Programs

The Emeryville Child Development Center is enrolling any and all families throughout the Bay Area. We offer 2 programs; a full cost/full fee and our subsidized child care programs! 

Full Fee Programs

We typically see more demand than space available in the infant and toddler care rooms, so a priority system has been established for accepting new families that balance the needs of the community. The priority order for the program is as follows: 

  1. Siblings of current families and staff
  2. Families who live in Emeryville
  3. Families whose parents work in Emeryville
  4. Families who live in the greater 94608 zip code area of Oakland (neighborhoods surrounding Emeryville);
  5. Families from throughout the Bay Area

Note: Verification of residence or employment in Emeryville or 94608 Oakland is required when seeking a priority enrollment at the Center. For more information on the market-rate programs and the priority system, please email the center or call us at 510-596-4343. 

Subsidized Programs

The ECDC Sunshine Program provides subsidized care for pre-kindergarten students (ages 3-5). Children must turn 3 years old on or before September 1st to be eligible for the current school year. Enrollment priority is based on a need-based ranking system created by the State of California, and spaces are filled year-round depending on availability. Applications are available to all interested families residing in the bay area by calling or visiting the center. For more information please contact Samantha Golden at 510-596-4347.