Eco Food-Ware

Summary of the Ordinance
All food vendors, such as restaurants, cafes, delis, and caterers, who use disposable food service-ware must switch to compostable or recyclable food service-ware by January 1, 2008. The ordinance covers all food prepared within the City of Emeryville for eventual sale either in or outside of the city limits. For more information, view the entire Eco Food-Ware Ordinance.

Call the city Environmental Program staff at (510) 596-3795 for more information or to report a violation.

Resources Definitions
  • Compostable - Capable of undergoing biological decomposition or otherwise become part of a usable compost
  • Disposable - Designed for one-time use
  • Recyclable- Materials that can be collected, sorted, cleansed treated and reconstituted in a different form