Reporting a spill or discharge into the storm drain?

  If spill is underway, call 911, to get it contained. To report imminent, repeat or suspected releases call the City's Environmental  Programs staff at 510-596-3728.  
Or use "Engage Emeryville":  


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Tip on preventing storm water pollution

Stormwater Treatment Requirements

Effective February 15, 2005 , City of Emeryville Stormwater issues or concerns, call 510-596-4330:

For a guide to East Bay creeks and more information go to the Alameda County Clean Water Program website

Find your watershed! Alameda County Flood Control & Water Conservation District Watersheds Interactive Maps

Check out these Creek and Watershed Maps from the Oakland Museum of California

Flood Zone Designation for the City of Emeryville, County of Alameda, State of California

Pursuant to the letter from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Federal Insurance Program, dated April 28, 1978, the January 16, 1976, Flood Hazard Boundary Map was rescinded effective April 21, 1978. The City of Emeryville no longer has a Flood Hazard Boundary Map. The entire City of Emeryville is designated as Zone C in the National Flood Insurance Program. In Zone C, flood insurance in on a voluntary basis.

Maurice Kaufman, Sr. Civil Engineer
December 15, 2006