Bike & Pedestrian

Bike Lockers are back at Amtrak!

Spaces for 12 bicycles are available at this BikeLink location, at 5885 Horton St.  Locks are operated with a Bike Link card.  Sign up here

Lockers were installed and are operated and maintained by Bike Link.  They were paid for by the City of Emeryville and by Capital Corridor with grant from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

Horton Street Bicycle Boulevard Traffic Calming project scheduled for November 2016.

Mark your calendars for 2017! 
The next Bike to Work Day will be Thursday May 11th, 2017!

Whether you bike to work or to school, stop by for some free goodies.  



 Energizer Stations in Emeryville


For questions about these Plans, call (510) 596-3795

Bike Lockers

Check with AMTRAK for bike lockers planned for the Emeryville station.

Maps and other helpful information

For information on getting around by bicycle in the Bay Area, visit

Bike Parking 

Bike Racks:

  If you have a suggested location for a new bike rack or want to report a damaged or missing rack, call the City at 510-596-3795
For the city's approved Bike Parking Installation Guidelines, visit the APBP website.


City of Emeryville Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee

meets every odd month on the first Monday at 5:30 p.m.  For more information, go here.