Mission & Philosophy


The Emeryville Police Department's Command Staff is committed to providing an atmosphere of leadership where the men and women of the Emeryville Police Department are able to reach their highest potential. The Command Staff consists of a  Commander and a Captain who report directly to the Chief of Police.

Mission & Philosopy
The Community of Emeryville is a special and unique city. Located in the heart of the Greater Metropolitan Bay area, the city retains the charm and warmth of a rural town. The women and men of our department are equally special people, united in a fashion not unlike that of a family.

This is our statement of values.

We Respect Each Individual.
We are sensitive to the needs of all the persons we contact. We want to insure fair treatment of the people who depend upon us for their safety and well-being.

We Will Take Action Which Is Least Obtrusive in the Lives of the Citizenry.
Whenever possible, we will reason with individuals in the enforcement setting before resorting to the use of force, or effecting an arrest. Our purpose is to maintain order. We recognize that it is the domain of the courts to punish persons convicted of an offense.

We Believe in a Problem-Solving Approach to Policing.
Wherein we are customer oriented in carrying out our duties and in acknowledging and addressing concerns of the citizens. We expect to be empowered, supported and held accountable to take the initiative to work with citizens to solve problems. We believe the part of our job is to identify and address the needs of the community that are essential to maintaining and improving the quality of life in each neighborhood.

We Strive Toward Excellence in All We Undertake.
We take the prevention of criminal action as a very serious responsibility. We will work to achieve the highest possible standards of the law enforcement profession. Our actions must mirror the highest ethical standards of policing, and our written reports able to stand the tests of integrity.

We Have Pride in Our Work.
We unite in our efforts to support, respect and encourage individual talents of co-workers. We agree to work together toward accomplishment of the department's mission, objectives, and goals.

We Participate in Management of the Department in a Free & Candid Fashion.
We want a climate of trust and openness, and encourage personal and professional growth through significant participation, training, and timely recognition-each person's unique contribution is the key to our success.

We believe that the public is entitled to police personnel who look professional, and are technically competent.

We Believe That Our Actions Should be Responsible, Dependable, & Consistent.
We want a work environment where all members do their share. We place a high value upon teamwork and support each other. We expect supervisors and managers to act as role models and leaders in all that they do.

We Recognize the Importance of Change.
We challenge ourselves to be open-minded and creative, and we encourage innovation and recognize individual contributions.