1. ADA Coordinator

    Find out more about the coordinator for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance.

  2. City Administration

    Learn about Emeryville's city government.

  3. City Attorney

    Read more about the city's legal counsel.

  4. City Manager

    Find information about the administrator in charge of city staff.

  5. City Clerk

    Explore information kept by the official recordkeeper of the city.

  6. Community Development

    Find out about the laws, regulations, and requirements that pertain to the physical development of the city, and for overseeing the implementation of the City’s economic development, housing, and public arts programs.

  7. Community Services

    Browse services offered for child development, recreation, senior programs, parks and facilities, and city centers and services.

  8. Finance

    Find out more information about owning and operating a business in Emeryville.

  9. Fire

    Explore information about the Fire Department, including disaster preparedness and post-earthquake information.

  10. Human Resources

    Find out more about job openings and hiring processes.

  11. Police

    Explore information about the Police Department.

  12. Public Works

    Browse through information about environmental services in Emeryville.