Park Rentals

Doyle Hollis Park

Pictured - Doyle Hollis Park

For park rentals with 50 people or more, please click on the Community Event Permits page to the left.

For rentals with 49 people or less, Emeryville features 6 parks that are available for private rental. These parks are perfect for your next family barbecue, children's birthday party, corporate picnic, wedding reception, or gathering of any type. The specific parks available are:
Marina Park 3310 Powell Street
61st Street Park 61st and Doyle Street
Christie Avenue Park 6200 Christie Avenue
Stanford Avenue Park Stanford Avenue and Doyle Street
Temescal Creek Park Adeline and 47th Street
Doyle Hollis Park 1333 61st Street

Park Permit Requirements - Step by Step Guide

Park rentals require a permit issued by the City of Emeryville Community Services Department. Please complete the requirements listed below at least two weeks prior to the date of your event.

  1. Download and review the Park Rental Guide and Application by clicking on the link or contacting Michael Manalastas via email, at 510-596-4353, or in person at 4727 San Pablo Avenue (Emeryville Center of Community Life, Building B).
  2. Download and review the Rental Fee Chart.
  3. Submit the Park Rental Application and appropriate application fee ($10 residents / 20 non-residents) to Michael Manalastas.
  4. Once the application is reviewed the applicant will be contacted as soon as possible.
  5. If the application is approved or approved with conditions, all the associated fees must be paid and conditions must be met prior to the rental date.
  6. Once all fees are paid and the conditions of approval are met, a final permit will be issued.

Mandatory Permit Requirements

Compliance with Emeryville Green Ordinances: Recycling / Eco Food-Ware Flyer

Optional Permit Requirements

Depending on your event details, you may be asked to complete these requirements in order to receive your permit.

  • Events with Jumpers:
    • $15 residents / $25 non-residents / $20 non-profit Jumper / Bounce house Fee
    • Permission to have a jumper on city property must be approved by Community Services Department and the applicant must communicate the jumper company's name to the Rental Specialist.
  • Events Selling Alcohol:
    • Alcohol may only be served in a public park if being sold by a non-profit organization and that has:
    • Submitted a valid "Daily License (Special One-Day Event Permit)" from the Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) of California. To complete the application (ABC 221), you'll need permission from the Emeryville Police Department as the "landowner" signee. Contact the Police Department at 510-596-3700.
    • Public Alcohol Consumption Fees apply.
    • Permission from the Emeryville Police Department (via a written request to serve alcohol) is required. See the Sample Alcohol Request for the recommended formatting of the written request letter.
  • Events using tents or canopies larger than 10-by-10 feet are required to apply for a Tent and Canopy Permit from the Emeryville Fire Marshal. Note that the fee is generally waived if no inspection is needed. Download the Tent and Canopy Permit Application here. Contact Fire Prevention  Inspector if you have specific questions at 510-596-3759

Facility Rental Information

For a list of specific rental guidelines and facility details please click below.
New! Looking to find out if your favorite park site or indoor facility is available? Find out immediately online!
  • Visit
  • Click on the "Reserve" button.
  • Click on the "View Rental Area" button.
  • See the availability by clicking on the months next to each room / facility or site / park to which days in that month are reserved.
  • If no month is showing next to a room / facility or site / park, no reservations have been made in that month!
Submit applications (and questions) to: Michael Manalastas, Rental and Facilities Specialist at:
4727 San Pablo Ave.
Emeryville, CA 94608