Emeryville Celebration of the Arts' Exhibition

Enjoying the Art

Join Us for the Annual Emeryville Celebration of the Arts' Exhibition and Opening Gala!

  • Show Dates: 10/7/17-10/29/17
  • Gala Reception: 10/6/17
  • Exhibition / Gala Location: 1475 66th street at Emery Tech
Each October, art fans have an opportunity to see the month-long Emeryville Celebration of the Arts’ annual art exhibition. The show, which is in its 25th year, presents an impressive and varied lineup of work by artists who live or work in Emeryville. The artwork on display illustrates the myriad of artists in Emeryville, and shows their engagement with a host of aesthetic, political and social concerns.

Truly a collaborative effort, the Emeryville Celebration of the Arts is generously supported by the City of Emeryville and its business community, and depends upon volunteer efforts of many including its Board of Directors, operating committee and numerous others who help pull together the details of the show.

Haiku 4 by Michael Murphy
The exhibition represents the unique character of Emeryville, a town which is quite small in size, but grand in the scale and spirit of its collective creativity. For current information on the location of this year’s celebration or viewing times of the gallery, please visit their website.