Bike Share

Bike Share Has Arrived in Emeryville!

Ford GoBike, the Bay Area's revamped regional bike sharing program, launched early July 2017, bringing 7,000 bikes throughout Emeryville, Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco, and San Jose. Bikes can be picked up and returned to any station in the system, creating an efficient network with unlimited possible combinations of start and end points. Bike sharing can connect you to transit hubs like BART, AC Transit, Amtrak and more - helping you get where you're going quickly and affordably. Ford GoBike offers $5 first-year memberships for eligible adults who qualify for Calfresh, PG&E CARE, or SFMTA Lifeline passes. 

Click here to start riding! Once you're registered, head on over to any of the stations in Emeryville and grab your bike. 

Emeryville Bike Share Locations

Below is a map of bike share stations in Emeryville as of November, 2017. Click here for a map of currently operating stations and available bikes. 

Emeryville Bikeshare Stations

How Does It Work?

Find a station with Ford GoBike live map for a list of active stations.

Check out your bike. After registering, use your activation code to check out a bike. For day pass users, you can use a credit card to purchase a pass. Linked Clipper cards can also be used to unlock bikes at the station itself. 

Ride! Annual members get 45-minute rides, low-income members receive 1-hour rides, and daily pass users are allotted 30 minutes.

Return the bike. Complete your trip and return your bike at any station.