Emeryville Art in Public Places Program

A Dynamic Arts & Music Community
Emeryville has a rich affiliation with the cultural arts. The city, through its Art in Public Places Program, has commissioned a range of exciting art works for the public realm. A dynamic arts and music community, Emeryville is home to hundreds of artists and musicians working in traditional mediums as well as the digital, film, and sound art.
  1. Collections and Maps
  2. Public Art Master plan
  3. Requirements for developers
  4. Local art initiatives
  5. New public art projects
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Find the Locations of Public Art Pieces
The Emeryville Art in Public Places map locates selected pieces of larger collections as well as standalone pieces developed as part of the Art in Public Places Program in Emeryville. As a result of the Art in the Public Places Ordinance in Emeryville there are over 40 publicly-owned art works in the city and over 70 art installations available to the public in private development. Click here or on the image to view. Elephant Parade