Housing Advisory & Appeals Board

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Committee Type: Community Advisory Standing Committee
Created: January 15, 1988
Official Action(s): Ordinance No. 88-01
Definition/Purpose: To hear complaints and appeals on violations of the Housing Code.
Eligibility of Requirements/Composition:
  • Planning Commissioner
Term(s): Same as Planning Commission
Regular Meeting: Annually
2nd Thursday of December
6:30 PM
Civic Center (1333 Park Avenue, Emeryville)
Vice Chairperson:
Brad Gunkel
Steven Keller
Secretary: Victor Gonzales, Chief Building Official
  1. Planning Commissioner Brad Gunkel (2016)
  2. Planning Commissioner Sam Kang (2016)
  3. Planning Commissioner Steven Keller (2016)
  4. Planning Commissioner Lawrence "Buzz" Cardoza (2017)
  5. Planning Commissioner Gail Donaldson (2017)
  6. Planning Commissioner Philip Banta (2018)
  7. Planning Commissioner John Bauters (2018)
Other Staff
  • Community Development Director